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Command-line usage:

[perl] [options] [input-file] ...

  -d REGEX      Field delimiter in input-file(s). Default is "\t" (tab).
  -t FILE       Format data using template contained in FILE.
  -T TEMPLATE   Format using TEMPLATE. By default, no filter applied ("%0").
  -s REGEX      Skip rows in input-file(s) matching REGEX.
  -B TAGSTART   Part of template tag before field index. Default is "%".
  -E TAGEND     Part of template tag after field index. Default is null.

If no input-files then desift uses standard input.

Format of the Template

The template contains placeholders for the data provided as input. The placeholders can be embedded in any text for the purposes of formatting or markup. The general format of the placeholder is:


By default, TAGSTART is "%" and TAGEND is null, so the placeholder "%3" that appears in the template would be substituted with the third field upon processing. If it is necessary for your template to use placeholders not in this format, the -B and -E options can be used to specify a different TAGSTART and TAGEND, respectivfely. For example, if you wanted your template placeholders to be HTML comments you could specify -B as "<!--FIELD" and -E "-->" so that the placeholder "<!--FIELD3-->" gets substituted with the thidr field of the input data upon processing.


Print the name and permission of each file in the current directory:

ls -l | desift -d" +" -T"File: %9, Permissions: %1" -s"^total"

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